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00:03 IST: 30 minutes into the game:Barcelona B are trying to turn things around in their favor now. Bengaluru are playing more on the flanks in order to try and score first here. Barcelona with a big chance here but are denied straight by the ISL side. Both the teams looking desperate to be the first one to score today.FCB 0-0 BEN Logout 00:13 IST: 40 minutes into the game:Bengaluru FC making some serious errors on the left back side with the defenders looking a little lazy to defend. Barcelona get hold of the ball as a player runs on the border of the box before trying his luck from there but only for the ball to fly over the goal and to Sandhu's relief. Both sides still in search of a breakthrough.FCB 0-0 BEN Barcelona have won La-liga a total of 26 times since its inception back in 1928 and the first title for Barcelona came in the La-liga’s inaugural edition itself. In 2019 FC Barcelona won its 8th La-liga title in 11 years, this proves, that they have dominated the league this past decade.