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The game is currently in ALPHA so it could break at any moment. Submit an issue if you do play the game and break something. Keep exploring Kongregate with more badges and games! Instead of asking the player to tap to earn their coins, Voodoo asked them to play simple arcade games that have mass appeal. Games like “Idle Invaders” used classic shoot-em-up gameplay (ex. Space Invaders, 1942) to earn their income manually. Shoot down incoming invaders as fast as you can to earn your manual income, and then purchase and upgrade computer-controlled allied fighters to fight alongside you. This made for a compelling formula, that was easily replicated across multiple genres. “Idle Sweeper” took Pac-Man, “Idle Flipper” took flipping style gameplay. The best practice is to only make DOM changes inside of a requestAnimationFrame callback, since it is scheduled by the browser with that type of work in mind. That means that our code will need to use a document fragment, which can then be appended in the next requestAnimationFrame callback. If you are using a VDOM library, you would use requestIdleCallback to make changes, but you would apply the DOM patches in the next requestAnimationFrame callback, not the idle callback.